Making a Worldwide Impact in Christian Medical Missions

local beginnings to global outreach

No one could have known that an idea, started in a cornfield in rural Berrien County, Michigan, would make such an impact worldwide. In 1968, a group of physicians formed Southwestern Medical Clinic. The practice began with a commitment to Christian medical missions. In an effort to mobilize people and resources, the Southwestern Medical Clinic Foundation was formed.

Since 1995, the foundation has raised and provided financial support for providers in need of medical equipment and supplies for their global medical missions. Hundreds of medical students and residents have also been awarded fellowship grants in support of their overseas medical rotations.

From New Guinea to Ecuador and Kenya, Southwestern Medical Clinic physicians have traveled far and wide to bring Christian witness and medical care to those in need. With your help, the foundation can continue to fund these mission projects for years to come.


Al-Germaniyya Mission Hospital

2024 - $7,500 Matching Campaign – Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Project

Karanda Mission Hospital

2024 - $10,000 Matching Campaign - Laboratory Expansion Project


By supporting Southwestern Medical Clinic Foundation, you become part of a legacy of generosity and healing that stretches across continents and generations. Your contribution, whether large or small, ignites a spark of change that transforms lives. It enables doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals to reach those who are most in need, providing not just medical care, but also hope and dignity.

Every dollar you give helps to fund critical medical supplies, educational programs, and life-saving treatments. As you invest in this cause, you become the heartbeat of hope for countless individuals and communities. Imagine being the reason someone in a distant land receives the care they desperately need. This is the power of your generosity—an enduring impact echoing into the future.

Mission & Vision

“Mobilizing People & Resources to Integrate Christian Witness and Medical Care Worldwide”

“Transforming the World through Excellence in Christian Medical Missions”

Transforming Lives Across the Globe